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UHS-OSPE of Surgery (Annual 2010)

NMC ospe 1.3.11
1. Ett
2. Tracheostmy tube
3. Suprapubic cystostomy
4. Diabetic ulcer
5. Extradural hematoma
6. Clavical fracture
7. Interctive: inguinal hernia
8. Intrctiv abd incisions
9. Aud
10. X-ray abdomen showing ureteric stent
11. Plain forceps
SIMS OSPE 1/3/11
Folley's catheter, tru-cut needle, redivac suction drain, laryngeal mask, x-ray fracture radius ulna, thyroid cancers name, xray abdomen,erect, multiple air fluid levels,deaver's retractor
1.deavers retractor and morris retractor
2.picture of
3.cholangiogram of t tube
4.chest drain with under water seal
5.breast specimen findings
6.staghorn stone xray triangle n chest tube
8.gastric outlet obstruction , x-ray
9.disposable syringe
11.intestinal obstruction x-ray(interactive)
UMDC 1/3/11
1) x.ray pyloric stenosis............... metabolic derrangements..... plus next investigation
2) x. ray chest........ puemothorax plus rib fracture...... type ov breathing. plus treatment
3) peri-umblical hernia........ abdomen diagram.... posit...ive finding???? striae due 2 multiparity nd obesity? treatment
4) ETT with telescope.......indication........ complications?
5) x. ray ( retrosternal goiter)
x. ray finding......... diagnosis? frther investigation
‎6) scenario....... strangulated volvulus......... plus treatmnt......
7) x.ray ......... vertebral fracture, x ray findng? treatment? findngz in x ray
8) femur fracture........... treatment.
9) ivu.......... finding........... diagnosis( renal carcinoma)....... further investigations?
OBSERVED............ proctoscope....... indications... parts.... contraindications........ how to sterilize it and y
OBSERVED........scenario............. appendicular mass...... d/d.? complications? treatmn

Qmc Ospe 02-03-11
1.Babcock: identify, indications, how sterilized?
2.foley's 2 way catheter: identify, indications, complications?, how sterilized?
3.Oropharyngeal airway? Identify, when is it use?(in an unconscious pt), how sterilized, other methods of maintaining airway?
4.Interactive: CT abdomen showing cyst in liver, most likely diag(hydatid cyst), other serological investigations, organism causing it?
5.(Interac) Colostomy bag: identify, indications? complications
6.CT scan skull showing extradural hematoma: name investigations, clinical features, management
7.Barium Swallow: name investigations, positive findings, wen this investigations indicated? what are complications of diverticulae coli?
8. X-ray showing fracture of mid-shaft of femur: what investigations? positive findings? clinical features? wat are the principles of fracture management?
9.X-ray chest: name investigations? positive findings?management?

1. vericose veins pic:dx,complications,clinical tests,treatment
2.bladder stones xray:dx,investigations,cause in 70yr man[bph],operative rx laryngoscope pic:identify,in which procedure its used,at wot stage its used,wot precautions u will take 4 reuse
4.gall stone specimen pic:dx,short term complications,...types of operations for it,1serious complication
5.xray patella fracture:dx,immediate rx, specific rx.
6.peau-d orange pic:dx,how wud u do clinical confirmation,which imaging is helpful,management
7.extradural hematoma ct scan:name investigation and finding,immediate management,specific steps of rx
8.interactive venous ulcer examination and management
9.interactive pic of thyroidectomy scar:name the incision,which op is done,what r pre-operative preparation steps,name structures u will take care of during surgery,postop complicatns,post op drugs,immediate postoperative complication,cause of resp distress postop
10. ganglion pic on dorsum of hand:dx, 2imp clinical tests,treatment,complication of procedure
11. umblical hernia,imaging investigation,management
PMC 1/3/11
1.X.ray Retrostrnal thyroid. Diagnosis?, cmplication, physical sign, treatment.
2.. Obstrctive jaundice LFTs values, investigation, non operative management..
3.. inves, findings, diag, other investgatn.
4.. NG tube.. Name uses diag and therapeutc. Cmplicatns
5.. Cervical spine injury. X.ray. Diag? Cmplication, treatment.
6.. Urethrogram. Diag of urethral stricture, late cmplication, treatment..
7.. Oropharyngeal airway, name, indication, when to rmov.
8.. Frctr tibia fibula.. Early cmplcatn, managment ov opn wound.
9.. Swelling neck d/d.. Parotid tumor surgery cmplcation, investgation.
AIMC ospe 1.3.11
1.Lipoma photo, Dx, how to confirm dx, Rx
2.Meckle's diverculum photo, Dx, Rx, complications
3.T tube cholangiogram photo, name, findings, why done, Rx options
4.Tension pneumothorax x-ray, Rx
...5.ETT photo, define definitive airway
6.Colle's fracture x-ray, which deformity, management
7.IVU photo with dilated renal pelvis n calyxes, radiological findings, x-ray timings, long term complications
1.Intestinal clamp, uses, types, sterilization.
2.CT abdomen, dx. Hydatid cyst/disease of liver, medical Rx,which next organ is involved, causative organism, human which host.
WMC, Surgery Ospe, 2nd March:
1. Tracheostomy tube set: identify, indications for tracheostomy, care of tracheostomy?
2. Burns: identify, rule of nine, management, late complications?
3. Incised wound: identify, types of healing, factors responsible for healing, complications?
4. Gridiron incision: identify, procedure, complications of di...sease?
5. Proctoscope: identify, parts, indications, sterilize?
6. X-ray, Condylar Fracture humerus: identify, complications?
7. X-ray IVU: identify, dilated calyces, causes, management?
8. CT scan skull/brain: identify, depressed fracture skull, patient complaints, management?
9. ETT: identify, parts, indications, sterilize?

1. Picture: removed appendix: identify,types of incisions, complications?
2. Barrium swallow: stricture oesophagus?
AIMC 2 march
-patellar fracture n mech. of injury,direct hernia,airway secure-methods,solitary nodule,ivu-ca bladder,prolapsed heamorroids,intermittent claudication,courviser's law n obstructive jaundice,
obs:2nd thyrotoxicosis and xray diaphragm rupture, subdural haematoma-ct scan
LMDC 2nd march cholangiogram,findings investigation before removing it
proctoscope,parts 2 diagnostic 2 thrapeutic indications
what is graft? what is a flap? 3 grafts name 3 flaps name
...multiple air fluid level,cause,further investigations
pelvis fracture,findings on an x-ray and complications
shoulder dislocation xray.type t/m complications
tracheostomy tube uses
AMPLE stands for?? (allergy,medications,previous medical history,last meal taken and events of is done in trauma or something
breast Ca counseling
below knee amputation krniii..counsel the patient
short cases
lipoma,MNG,paraumblical hernia and submandibular swelling
ospe SZMC..2march..
1.kuncher i.m nail, external fixator,wigly saw wire(uses),method of sterilization.
2.oxalate stone
3.multi-nodoular goiter
4.breast lump diagram(interactive)
...5.rodent ulcer photo (interactive)
6.L.P needle
8.gall bladder diag
10.n.g tube

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